In the addition to the meals, we also provide you with a full selection of canned goods. Ranging from locally harvested honey to handcrafted jams and fruit. 

Have you ever wanted maple syrup right from the tree? Well we have the thing just for you. Come on down and buy yourself a jar of the sweet product.

Local Artistry

With many local artists in the area, we like to provide them with a chance to showcase their products. From carvings to homemade soaps and products from small to large.


Do you have kids? Grandkids? Nephews, Nieces? Have they ever wanted to visit a restaurant with a playground? We have a set for them, fully equipped with a swing, a lookout station, and a bench. So the next time you are looking for a place to eat at with some young person in your life, please consider this restaurant. 

Frozen Meals

Looking for a quick meal after returning home from work? Thaw the meal during the day, and when you arrive home, just heat the meal and enjoy. Get yours today, from MoJo Diner.

Homemade Baking

At MoJo we provide our customers with fresh and delicious baking ranging from Rocky Road to Fruit Pies that are baked weekly.