Our Products

Sungro Horticulture Soil

#3 - "Starting out"



-Liner/Propagation Trays

-Seeds or Cuttings

#4 - All Purpose

-Hanging Baskets

- Foliage Plants


-Bedding Plants



#7 - "Holds Significant Amounts of Water"

-Hanging Baskets

-Window Planters

40L - $20.00

107L - $40.00

Nature's Source*

Professional Plant Food


GMO Free

Pathogen free - heavy metals free

$17.49 / 15 Fluid Ounce

$1.50 / 1 Fluid Ounce


"The successful 'hormone' formula that stimulates rapid rooting of cuttings."

0.1% IBA Rooting Powder

$8.95 / 25g


Fine Tip Vine Shears

Perfect for Pruning and Vine Harvesting

$12.95 ea

Holland Greenhouse Tools

From Shovels to Anvil Loppers

Ranging from $5.00 - $19.95

(Prices are Discounted as is)

Seed Centre Seeds

-Quality Garden Seeds 

-Supplies over 1000 Businesses

- Established in 1951

"Down to Earth Seeds"

Ranging from Vegetables to Flowers to Herbs.


Farmers Brand Seeds

Ranging in a Variety of Vegetables

From 6.95 to 8.95

Wooden Stakes

Perfect for Tomatoes, Vines, other Vegetable Plants.

62" or 157cm - $0.75

41.5" or 105 cm - $.0.30

Weeks Roses

Founded in 1938  -  Top Quality Roses

$30.00 ea

Debbies Gardenart Creations

- Made from Special Blend White Concrete

- Each Piece Handpainted

- Made in Alberta

Fairy Garden Items

(Bought Before the Covid Virus)

Spice up your garden with these decorative items

Barns to Chickens to Motorbikes

From $5.99 to $14.99

50% Off

Plant Pots

We have both new and refurbished pots

New 6 Pack Trays - $1.50 ea

New Web Trays - 2.99 ea

New Weaved Baskets

(Bought Before the Covid Virus)

20" Centerpiece Basket 

30" Flower Box

14" Urn Basket 

Refurbished Pots - Discounted Prices

(Inquire About This)

Multiple Consignment Items

From Larry Handyman's Wooden Flower Pots to Pebbles Pond Garden Stakes including Fairy Gardens made locally.