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Our Story


Monica & John opened one greenhouse in 2013, as a shelter for Annuals, Perennials, Vegetables and Herbs. That year, they had to set up a second greenhouse in the mid of winter, wanting to expand their business to incorporate  trees and shrubs for the 2014 season. The following year, 2014, they wanted to set up a sales building to move out of the carport that they had been in since the inauguration of the business, so Monica's dad and John set up a small wood cabin within 8 months. In the fall of 2014, the original owners (Monica and John) realized that the business needed a coffee shop, so the plans were drawn up and the shell of the building had begun. Throughout the winter, John's son, Clayton helped his dad build and finalize the process of the interior building. in the spring of 2015 Mo Jo coffee shop opened. As time progressed, the theme of 'coffee shop' developed into a 'Diner', until 2022, it was called Mo Jo Diner.

In the year 2020, a virus called "covid" had begun, destroying small businesses throughout the world. We decided to go against the flow and stay open as we were and still are privately owned. As the word begun to spread, that we were still open, the wicked Government Funded business called AHS started to get flags that we were so called Rebels. Along with GraceLife Church, Whistle Stop Cafe, we also were targeted.  Therefore we were made to do major changes to how we operated, but to no avail, we were forced to close by the Local Government.


A whole year later, we Joined a Constitution called Magna Carta. Magna Carta is called the Grandfather of the Canadian Constitution since it was the law before the current constitution was implemented. With Magna Carta, we no longer have to follow the ridiculous laws that the Government sets in relation to numerous things including the "covid" regulations and lockdowns.

Live Music

Since there were no events happening on Canada Day 2020, During the Outbreak of covid, we figured that we would host an Event with Live Music featuring Steven Sware, Old Town, and a handful of Local Artists, including the previously stated Artists. Since that day, we have hosted a Jamboree weekly (Saturday). We have also began to hold Cowboy Church Every Saturday at 3:00 pm, giving everyone enough time to have a small break from their Church's morning service to eat, visit and relax then join us with ours. After July 1st, 2020, we also started hosting various local bands bi-weekly.

July 1st (Canada Day)


Canada Day (Old Town)


July 11 (Customer Appreciation Day)


July 25 (Old Town)


August 8th (Blue Dragon)


Jaedyn's Tribute

September 11


October 10 (Laredo)


Cash Revival (October 30, 2022)

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